The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Thursday, October 12th, 2017

2:30 PM - 3:30 PM - The VR-AR Immersive Track

Session I: Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Live Webcast from this Room

The Future of Entertainment: VR Story Architects and Experience Designers

Jake Sally, Director of Immersive Development, RYOT

Eduardo Yeh, Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, SELVZ

Penka Kouneva, Leading Games Composer, “NASA AR installations”, “The Mummy VR at IMAX VR

Ilya Rozhkov, film and VR director, Agent Emerson VR Film Experience

Chad Woods, Immersive Reality Designer, Team One

Chris Prynoski, founder/president, Titmouse

Maggie Lane, VR/AR Designer, Moderator


Maggie Lane has over 7 years of development experience, working at such companies as Warner Bros., The Jim Henson Company, and WETA. She transitioned into the VR space in 2016, first as a journalist for publications including VRScout and UploadVR, and then as a writer/producer in her own right. She is attached to produce several large-scale productions, including an animated series at Oculus VR. In addition, she is currently writing/producing a 360 branded experience and an educational VR project. She is a graduate of Columbia University and proud member of "Women In VR/AR".

Jake Sally, Director of Immersive Development, RYOT: At RYOT, Jake spearheads development of immersive content designed to expand and explore the human experience across the full range of emerging platforms. Jake began work at WME-IMG in the Motion Picture Literature Department, where he learned how to transition indie-darling writers and directors into commercial Hollywood. After years refining his knowledge of narrative storytelling, Jake transitioned to Hasbro Studios. While at Hasbro, Jake’s career became focused on activating Hasbro’s massive portfolio of IP, ranging from TRANSFORMERS to G.I. JOE, across TV, film, toys, digital and licensing. Spotting the rise of commercially available virtual reality in 2014, he brought his knowledge of brands and storytelling to Two Bit Circus. While at Two Bit Circus, he helped formalize their VR Department, managed development for original content and lent his creative vision to commercial work for clients ranging from Google to Fox.


Chris Prynoski, founder/president, Titmouse: Emmy award-winning Chris Prynoski is the president and founder of Titmouse, an animation production company with offices in Los Angeles, New York and Vancouver. His animation career began in New York with his work on MTV shows such as Beavis and Butt-head, Daria and his Emmy nominated creation MTV Downtown. Chris and his wife Shannon then moved to LA to launch Titmouse, a home for passionate artists making high-quality cartoons. Prynoski has helped bring to life a string of hits including the feature film Nerdland along with Metalocalypse, China IL, Black Dynamite, Superjail!, The Venture Bros, Megas XLR, Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja, Turbo FAST and his original creation, Motorcity for Disney XD. He wears many hats, including Executive Producing, Show Running and Directing.


Penka Kouneva, Leading Games Composer: Composer Penka Kouneva is known as an exceptional talent and "an artist of uncommon passion" (Billboard). Her scoring credits include the games Prince of Persia and Transformers, The Mummy VR game, mobile games, VR experiences and feature films (Sony Pictures' Devil's Whisper). Penka also composed for the American Astronauts on a $30M NASA exhibit Heroes and Legends, permanently housed at the Kennedy Space Center.  Her score for 3D films and AR installations was recorded with large orchestra. She is a Universal Music-released composer (The Woman Astronaut, Rebirth of Id). Penka is a winner of the Sundance Composer Fellowship, Game Audio Network Guild's 2015 Recognition Award and other honors. She is passionate about innovation, storytelling, and mentoring.


Chad Woods, Immersive Reality Designer, Team One: Chad Woods pushes the worlds of virtual reality, mixed reality, and augmented reality forward at Team One as the resident VR expert. He designs and develops these cutting-edge experiences, taking elements from game, human-centric, and experiential design as he merges art and technology for clients including Lexus and The Ritz-Carlton. Woods is a 2014 graduate of the VCU Brandcenter’s User Experience track. He went on to found the Creative Technology lab at Publicis Seattle where he worked on creative tech for brands like American Girl, T-Mobile, and Scalage while still finding time to help write Super Bowl commercials. While at Team One, Woods founded the VR Lab. This hotbed of futuristic experience educates both client and coworkers while creating enthralling experiences with the custom, hand-built super computer that powers the lab. His most recent creation, a room-scale configurator experience for Lexus, was unveiled recently at the Pebble Beach Concours D’Elegance.


Eduardo Yeh, Co-Founder, CEO, Selvz; Eduardo Yeh was co-founder/President of iPing, Inc., and co- inventor of Integrated, interactive telephone and computer network communications system, which served as the basis for iPing's time sensitive notification platform. iPing pioneered the ubiquitous notification/messaging services by marrying the Internet with PSTN. Its highly publicized product that aimed to "humanize" notification, Mr.Wakeup drove the success of iPing, culminating with its acquisition by eCal Corporation in early 2000. After the acquisition, Mr. Yeh assisted Uproar CEO, Mr. Kenneth Cron, in the incubation of a wireless gaming joint-venture in Japan. In mid 2000, Eduardo joined the team at Innotive Inc., a South Korean company, pioneer in touch based interface authoring and development solutions. Eduardo helped establish the US subsidiary of Madhouse Inc, world's renown anime studio (Vampire Hunter D, Animatrix), and adapted Maple Story, one of the most popular free-to-play online game property by Nexon into a 25 episodic anime series. From 07~09, Eduardo made a seed investment in Conatus Energia Ltda., a clean and renewable energy (wind and small hydro) development startup, worked with the founders to help them raise strategic angel financing. In 2011, Eduardo co-founded his current startup, Selvz.


Ilya Rozhkov is an award-winning director, based in Los Angeles, originally from Moscow.  His Wes Anderson-esque short Sabre Dance starring Greg Louganis as Salvador Dali has premiered at more than 20 festivals worldwide and won numerous awards, including "Best Picture", "Best Director" and "Best Performance,” and his next film Dying to Live showcased at Cannes and is currently gaining great reviews on the festival circuit as well.  He recently partnered with the leading VR Studio Rogue Initiative on his VR FIlm Experience Agent Emerson - the pilot of the Identity Experience Series  and is developing several other VR Properties and feature films.