The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Thursday, October 12th, 2017

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM

Session I: Herscher Hall, Guerin A, Live Webcast from this Room

Innovating in VR-AR-Immersive Production - The Amazing Journey of Imagination, Gear and Innovation

Daniel Kenyon, Founder/CEO, Furious M

Ryan Moore, CEO,Experience 360°

Keram Malicki Sanchez, Executive Director, VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo (Toronto), Director, FIVARS

Matthew Celia, Managing Partner and Creative Director, Light Sail VR

Amanda Shelby, VR Producer, (Disney’s Beauty and the Beast Red Carpet Show, Obama’s Farewell Address, Hyundai SB 2017 Commerical

BJ Schwartz, co-founder, Vanishing Point Media

Jessie Kim, CEO, Prosper VR

Larry Rosenthal, President, Creative Director, CubeVR, Moderator


Daniel Kenyon, Founder/CEO, Furious M: As founder and CEO of Furious M, Daniel Kenyon leads a team of innovative new talent and industry veterans harnessing technology to revolutionize creative impact and commercial success in transmedia entertainment. With over 25 years experience in executive management, award winning product and business development, Daniel has a history of developing as well as bringing to market winning solutions for the

media, entertainment and communications industries. As VP at Automated Media Processing Solutions, Daniel spearheaded go-to-market for a global video management and delivery solution. As Industry Director for Media & Entertainment at Oracle, he initiated several strategic directives including the multi-billion dollar industry portfolio targeting media & entertainment and communications. As VP of Communications Industry Strategy and VP CRM Industry Strategy at PeopleSoft, he directed development and release of the award winning CRM for Communications, initiated strategic acquisitions and partnerships including IBM, valued at over $1Billion. Daniel was Product Evangelist for Vantive and co-founder and VP at SBI, Inc. Daniel holds a Bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley.


Matthew Celia, Managing Partner and Creative Director, Light Sail VR: Matthew Celia is a creative visionary with over a decade of experience spanning technology, film production and entrepreneurial endeavors. Celia fuses his knack for crafting authentic narratives and technical prowess across all sectors of VR production to create compelling cinematic storytelling. His work has amplified the impact of immersive content for such top brands as GoPro, the Soma Fashion Network, Dr. Phil and Google Small Business, among others. Celia studied Film Production at Chapman University, but discovered a predictive passion for VR during his grade school years by recreating Shakespeare’s Globe Theater into an interactive 3D Quicktime experience. His diverse skillset and enterprising drive fueled a rapid break into the industry, helming projects for top clients including Warner Bros., NBC and Chevrolet, before launching Light Sail VR in 2015. Celia has also directed a feature-length documentary, “Off the Floor,” which experienced a successful festival run in the United States. Celia’s previous speaking engagements include NAB 2017, where he provided insight on strategic filmmaking techniques in VR as well as the craft behind storytelling in VR. He also spoke at Adobe MAX 2016: Narrative VR, VRLA Summer Expo 2016: Cinematic VR for Content Creators, The VR Lab at LumaForge: Art and Technology Involved in Storytelling in VR, Respect the Process Podcast: Future of VR, among numerous other speaking engagements.


Jessie Kim, CEO, Prosper VR: Jessie has conceptualized campaigns and produced content that engages millions. She is a co-founder of Prosper VR, a virtual reality content creation studio and full-service production company that specializes in robotics. Prosper VR's patented robotics products achieve the most stable moving 360 ground and aerial footage possible today. Prosper VR works with brands such as Google Daydream, YouTube, Anheuser-Busch, Samsung, Red Bull, Nikon, MINI Cooper, and Disney. Prosper VR produced the first ever VR production at Hoover Dam that takes viewers into the Dam and above the Dam with robotics and aerial drone cinematography. They produced the first ever 360 video for Anheuser-Busch & Vayner Media. Prosper VR's first non-profit VR experience for the Humane Society garnered over 6.4M organic views in 1 month. Jessie is currently mentoring NASA JPL on how to leverage virtual reality to tell great stories. She started her career at the Discovery Channel, where she formed partnerships with school districts to create digital classroom environments to engage students. Formerly the Chief Strategy Officer of Enplug, an operating system for interactive displays, she worked with international brands like Marriott, BMW, Toyota and Google to leverage cutting-edge interactive content. It was there she identified VR and AR as the next computing platforms and made the leap into virtual and mixed reality.


Ryan Moore is the CEO of Experience 360°, a Los Angeles based Virtual Reality Experience Design Studio operating since 2015. Combined with his Experience 360° team, they have created next-generation 360° experiences for such brands as GoPro, Toyota, Jack in the Box, Visit California, Warner Brothers, Dell, ABC, Food Network, BET, and Fuse Media. Before that, Ryan’s passion for telling human-centric stories allowed him to travel globally, producing award winning documentaries on subjects such as the Organic food industry, human trafficking, domestic violence, and Atheism. Ryan currently resides in North Hollywood, California. Please see:


Keram Malicki Sanchez, Executive Director, VRTO Virtual & Augmented Reality World Conference & Expo (Toronto), Director, FIVARS: Founded VRTO May, 2015. He is the editor-in-chief of since 2008 and founder of FIVARS – the Festival of International Virtual and Augmented Reality Stories. A graduate of UCLA’s certification programs in Cinematography, Producing and Digital Media, respectively, Malicki-Sanchez is also an alumnus of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School – Los Angeles chapter. He has been asked to speak about the intersection of technology and the arts at NXNE, Cinegear Expo (Los Angeles), the Toronto Star and NAB (Vegas). He is also the founder of Transportive Technology – a virtual reality production company and Constant Change Media Group – a 360 media company and disruptive media consultation firm.


BJ Schwartz, co-founder, Vanishing Point Media: BJ is a VR pioneer, writer, comedian, award winning filmmaker, and Stanford trained attorney. Along with his writing, directing and producing partner Annie Lukowski, BJ founded Vanishing Point Media -- a cinematic VR Production Company -- in 2013. VPM's clients include New Deal Studios, Banana Republic, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, ABC, Stan Lee (and his POW! Entertainment), and many more. BJ has also garnered awards, notoriety and praise as both a traditional filmmaker and writer – from his highly successful film "Wolves in the Woods” (Telluride Film Festival) to his comedy writing for his satire site Citizen Schwartz. He is also a successful standup comedian performing throughout the LA area. Currently, BJ is teaching a course in Cinematic VR creation at UCLA as part of the university's extension program.


LarryR/Cube3 has over two decades of experience as a leader in the  area of virtual worlds , transmedia IP creation, Virtual Reality content, Virtual IP Law, social games, online 3D, human machine interface, Augmented Reality and networked communities for both entertainment and corporate media uses. Over the years LarryR/Cube3 has worked with over hundreds of 2D /3D software tools makers or services in all matters of finding customers and creating products and services and then forming communities and ecosystems around them. LarryR/Cube3 has spoken at industry events for over two decades. Highlights included self created seminars at Apple Computers NYC Siggraphs for many years, Macworlds, and Digital Hollywood Panels as well as local east and west coast tech/design shows/meetings and conferences. Work and projects of LarryR/Cube3 have been written about in both print and online in periodicals such as WIRED, NEW MEDIA, Macworld, and UploadVR. He founded the early VR Groups for developers and designers. The NYVRMLSIG, the SFWEB3D.