The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Thursday, October 12th, 2017

10:45 AM - Noon

Track II: Haas Conference Center - Room 171

Women Entrepreneurs: Sharing Experience - Real Life Stories - Building the Brand, the Personal and the Company Identity

Marsha Collier, Marketing Futurist & Radio Host, President, The Collier Company

Susan Miller, Author, Writer & Founder, Astrology Zone®

Debra Fine, CEO, "I Have a Dream" Foundation - Los Angeles

Erin Kapczynski, SVP Marketing, Kontrol Media

Ronjini Joshua, Owner, The Silver Telegram

Elizabeth Barrutia, CEO, BARU Marketing & Media

Linda Sherman, Co-Founder, The Courage Group, Moderator


Debra Fine, CEO, “I Have a Dream” Foundation – Los Angeles: IHADLA has been sponsoring students, “Dreamers,” throughout Los Angeles since 1987. The Foundation sponsors an entire grade at an inner-city, Title 1 elementary school, and stays with those students for over ten years, providing after-school and summer programs, academic and cultural enrichment, counseling services, arts instruction, mentors and tutors. Upon high school graduation, IHADLA then provides each Dreamer a last-dollar scholarship for college or career training.

Debra Fine is a member of the Board of Trustees Committee for Economic Development based in Washington D.C.  She is on the Subcommittee for Conscious Capitalism and Education in the United States. This organization is a think tank and policy review entity. Debra currently serves on the board of The Maple Counseling Center. TMCC provides low cost mental health care to those in need in Los Angeles. Debra is a Member of Young President’s Organization and is a moderator for WIN (Women’s International Network) Lean In (Sheryl Sandberg’s women on boards movement) and Regional Chair for the Disadvantaged Kids and Musicians Network. Debra Fine is a delegate representing the 33rd California District for the 2016 presidential primary. Debra was awarded Female Entrepreneur of the Year in the Children’s Educational products space. She was also named one of the top 50 most influential women in entertainment for her for her role as CEO of Cloud9 Interactive, as one of the few women in technology. Debra has had over 20 years of experience in strategic planning, capital raising, marketing, operations and business development/strategic alliances. Debra Fine has been CEO of both private and public companies in the educational media, technology and consumer products sectors. She has created marketing strategy for some of the world’s best known brands such as Disney Interactive, Kraft and Quaker.  On June 7, 2013, Debra Fine survived a mass shooting at Santa Monica College. She is a nominee for the Carnegie Medal of Honor for saving the lives of others by putting herself between the shooter and two community members. Debra was shot four times. Ms. Fine founded the Fineline Foundation to promote community safety, advocate for proactive mental health treatment and help victims of violent crimes. She speaks at Corporations, Chambers of Commerce, Colleges, Empowerment Seminars and Conferences. Debra Fine has appeared on CNN with Piers Morgan, ABC News, CBS News, NBC News, HuffPostLive, Business Rock Stars and other TV outlets. She has been featured and quoted in The Los Angeles Times, Huffington Post, Santa Monica Mirror and other leading publications. Debra tweets at @DebraLynnFine.


Marsha Collier is an author, radio personality (on the Internet and KTRB 860 AM San Francisco) and educator specializing in technology and inspiring business on how to use the internet for marketing and ecommerce. With over 1 million copies of her books in print as of 2007 (special editions for the UK, Germany, France, Canada, Australia, Chinese - and an edition in Spanish), she is the top selling eBay author. Among her books, eBay For Dummies is the best selling book on eBay e-commerce worldwide while eBay Business All-in-One Desk Reference For Dummies is the best selling title on operating an eBay business. "Starting an eBay Business For Dummies" appeared on the BusinessWeek Magazine Best Seller list for many weeks. Collier is a columnist with and American Express OPEN. Her book, The Ultimate Online Customer Service Guide: How to connect with Your Customers To Sell More" was the first to address social media as a customer service venue and was in the Top Ten books CEOs were reading in December 2011. Before her online career began, Collier owned and operated her own marketing and advertising firm, The Collier Company, and won numerous awards including “Small Businessperson of the Year” accolades from several organizations. Collier got started on eBay during the site’s early years and became one of the site’s first successful sellers. As of 2016, she is currently an eBay Top Rated Seller  and a member of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PESA). The first edition of eBay For Dummies was published in 1999 (the first unofficial book on eBay). She co-authored that edition with Roland Woerner and Stephanie Becker and became sole author of the series on the second edition. In December 2005, Collier hosted the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) Public television program Making Your Fortune Online, a complete guide to starting and operating an online business. The two-hour program, shot in front of a live studio audience in San Francisco, was a full seminar on conceiving a business idea, finding products or services to sell, finding the best sites for your products, and understanding the legal, operational and tax issues related to having a successful online business. In 2008, Collier was named one of twenty iCitizens in the book, The Open Brand: When Push Comes to Pull in a Web-Made World by Kelly Mooney. She also gives keynotes at e-commerce events such as Online Market World in San Francisco, organized by founder Jeff Chase and EVP Christopher Matthew Spencer. More recently at PayPalX Developer's Conference in November 2009, October 2010 and ThinkGlobal Retail in 2016.


Susan Miller, Author, Writer, founder, Astrology Zone: Best-selling book author, web publisher, and businesswoman, Susan Miller’s achievements and contributions to the field of astrology have made her an authority in her field. From Wall Street brokers to the models on fashion catwalks of Paris, Milan, and Tokyo; fro readers in cafés in New York, Beijing, and Sao Paulo, to those discussing her words in New Delhi and Istanbul, people everywhere turn to Susan to advise, teach, lecture, and lead them toward success in both their personal life and business endeavors. Susan cares about her readers, and it shows. Her writing style is warm and engaging, always optimistic, and her forecasts are often so accurate that readers have wondered, “How do you know this was what I was thinking about now?” Susan says astrology is the study of mathematical cycles and has nothing to do with her being psychic (she claims she is not). Susan also emphasizes that astrology is not the art of predestination, for each of us has free will. Says Susan, “The choice of whether to take advantage of an opportunity or let it go will always be up to you.” Susan founded her website, Astrology Zone® (, in December 1995, which is now celebrating its twentieth anniversary. She tirelessly writes between 30,000 and 48,000 words a month (divided by 12 signs), creating comprehensive and detailed forecasts published free for her readers. Each year it serves 100 million page views to 6 million unique readers.


Ronjini Joshua is the owner of The Silver Telegram, a PR agency specializing in startups, lean organizations and crowdfunding. With more than 16 years of experience in technology PR, Ronjini focuses on working with Startups that are developing PR strategies to drive brand awareness, investor relations, product launches and much more. Ronjini is an experienced speaker, speaking on topics including Diversity in PR, Startup PR and crowdfunding. Ronjini has spoken at several industry conferences including: CES, Digital Hollywood PR Summit, Crowdfunding East, Kickercon, Startup Week Santa Monica and regularly speaks and advises at workshops and summits on startup crowdfunding. Today, as the principle of The Silver Telegram, Ronjini focuses on strategic implementation and execution, still working on both strategy and tactics of public relations and integrating different communication disciplines to drive ROI for startups. As an entrepreneur and startup herself, Ronjini shares her story and journey regularly to help other startups and entrepreneurs. She is currently penning The PR Playbook, a book about PR for Startups that will launch in 2017.


Erin Kapczynski has built her career as a marketing executive in media, technology and advertising. Currently serving as consultant and advisor to leading Silicon Beach startups and mid-stage businesses in adtech, Erin is helping to grow the next wave of unicorns. She has helped the likes of Demand Media (now LeafGroup), MomentFeed, and OpenMail (now System1) with her innovative marketing strategies. Erin’s passion for marketing centers on looking at how a business can transform and grow, leveraging data and user experience, while building customer trust. Erin helps clients plan and execute customer acquisition, content creation, and branding—often tying these pieces together to generate growth.  Coming into the role via acquisition, Erin was formerly VP of Marketing for the media and technology platform Purch, where she oversaw all global consumer and corporate marketing that grew audiences and accelerated ad sales and lead-gen deals for partners to well over $100M in annual revenue.  Prior to Purch, Erin served as VP of Marketing at Panache, an early mover and market-leading digital video adtech business that was acquired by WPP.  She also held senior level marketing positions at Herbalife's HQ and Move.


Elizabeth Barrutia, CEO, BARU Marketing & Media: Elizabeth Barrutia is a female entrepreneur and the CEO of BARU Marketing & Media (  Elizabeth founded BARÚ in 2007 to engage untapped consumer groups. With a 20-year career in general and Hispanic markets, she is an industry innovator in multi-cultural marketing and media. Elizabeth has designed campaigns on more than 120 feature films for Walt Disney Studios, Focus Features, Universal Pictures, and more. Her category expertise also includes technology, retail, and consumer packaged goods, for brands such as Microsoft, Sears, Petco, Del Real Foods, and Treasury Wine Estates. Prior to founding BARÚ, Elizabeth held leadership positions at Arenas Entertainment, Carat USA and Focus Media. Having lived in Spain, Brazil, and Mexico, she is fluent in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. A graduate of UC Berkeley, with a Bachelors of Science in Mass Communications and Latin American Literature.


Linda Sherman, co-founder, The Courage Group: International, multicultural marketing pro, Linda brings a distinguished background of international subsidiary CEO/CMO to her Social Marketing expertise. These include CEO Club Med Japan, Barilla Japan and CMO Wal-Mart Japan. Linda Sherman has been featured and quoted in Forbes, The New York Times, Christian Monitor and other leading publications. She devised and implemented an innovative guerrilla marketing plan for ZIMA in Japan that produced a lasting, profitable success. She has hands-on technical skills in building and search optimizing WordPress websites. Linda has an influential on-line presence. You can find her social profiles at including Twitter @LindaSherman. Linda teaches Social Media for Business at the Kauai branch of University of Hawaii. Her company, The Courage Group, provides websites, digital film, personal and company branding, social marketing strategy and training.