The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

9:15 AM - 10:15 AM

Track II: Herscher Hall, 2nd Floor, Room 202

Crowdfunding, Start-ups & Angels: The Financing the Entertainment and Technology Industries

Mark Landay, Managing Director, Dynamic Synergy Corporation

Kumar Arora, Serial Entrepreneur & Professional Daydreamer. Investor on CNBC's "Cleveland Hustles"

Cam Kashani, Godmother of Silicon Beach

Adam Marsh, Entertainment/Media/Sports, Huntington Technology Finance

Daniel J Cunningham, President, Busted Buggy Entertainment

Gene Massey, Chairman/CEO,, Moderator


Kumar Arora, CNBC Investor on LeBron James Show "Cleveland Hustles" & Serial Entrepreneur: Kumar Arora is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor behind many notable startups and brands. Some of his ventures include Ilthy®, Black Rose Marketing and more. Kumar also serves as a consultant and advisor for a range of industries. He boasts an impressive roster of clients ranging from Fortune 500s, startups, to celebrities and athletes. Currently, he is paving the way with his newest project, Rogue Eyewear, using experimental materials combined with bold designs for a new perspective in a stagnant industry.


Cameron Kashani (call her Cam) builds startup communities and ecosystems around the world in order to promote world peace and innovation. She spreads the message of Peace in the form of Power. She works with technology innovators, founders, and startups to accelerate their success. She believes in the Human Element in life and in business, and her vision is a global economy that thrives on a “WE” dynamic. She's worked with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 650+ supports. A Pioneer of Silicon Beach and referred to as the Godmother, she previously cofounded the first coworking space in Los Angeles for technology startups and entrepreneurs in 2010, Coloft. Over the course of her four years involved, Coloft spawned over 1400 alumni, home to the early days of Uber LA, Instacart, Fullscreen and so many more. Today, she's a single mom to twin boys, an Expert Speaker with the US State Department in a program that's proven to ward off extremism, and 3x founder that just launched her third venture to help fulfill on her vision called CoAccel, the Human Accelerator, bringing the concept of Startup Accelerators to a new level,​ directing energy and focus around the most important piece of the puzzle: The Human, Yourself. You are the ultimate product.


Mark J. Landay - Managing Director, Dynamic Synergy Corporation: As a member of Dynamic Synergy's executive committee for over a decade, Mark Landay's expertise includes executive level search in high technology. He has successfully completed many searches for venture-capitalized, pre-IPO start ups to world-leading Fortune 50 companies. Prior to joining Dynamic Synergy Corporation, he was a Director at Compusearch, the high technology division of Management Recruiters International. Previously, he led the business development and expansion for regionally based executive search firm, Rod Asher & Associates. Mr. Landay is qualified as a member of the Pinnacle Society, an honor and educational society recognizing the top 100 performers in executive search. Prior to executive search, Mr. Landay worked in private equity. Mr. Landay is extremely well connected in the emerging technology industry with numerous contacts, including many leading venture capitalists. Mr. Landay has been recognized as an industry expert in both technology & executive search. He is the President of LA CEOs, a founding mentor for the Founders Institute, Chairman of SoCal Tech, and the Chairman Emeritus of the Harvard Business School Angels of Southern California. Mr. Landay holds a degree in Management Business Administration with an emphasis in human resources.


Dan Cunningham is the President and Head of Physical Production for Busted Buggy Entertainment. Dan comes to the film industry from the Venture Capital and Private Investment world. His experience in startups serves BBE well as every film starts from zero, hires a sizable workforce to produce a product, then has to take their product to market. His active investments in media companies like social-strategy juggernaut Speakr, film crowdfunding and distribution platform Seed & Spark, and cinema on-demand theatrical distributor Tugg, make him a uniquely qualified producer in that he can oversee development and financing, creative and marketing strategies, and distribution with firsthand knowledge and experience.


Adam Marsh, works in Manhattan as the manager of national accounts in the technology finance unit of Huntington National Bank, which is based in Columbus, Ohio. He is responsible for the entertainment media and sports practice. Huntington Technology Finance is the one of the largest, vendor-independent providers of financing and equipment management services in North America. For nearly three decades, we have been helping small, medium and large businesses, hospitals, educational institutions, government entities and multinational organizations to navigate financing and technology challenges.


Gene Massey is the Chairman/CEO of, a company holding an issued U.S. Patent for a new and innovative method of Crowdfunding that enables any company to sell its stock on its own Website or Facebook page. Known as the "Social Media IPO," MediaShares' Crowdfunding methodology can be used in any company's IPO and is fully-compliant with SEC rules that now make it possible to advertise and market a company's stock through social media and even sell to non-accredited investors. MediaShares uses Direct Registration, a process that enables companies that already have online fans, customers, or affinity groups to use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and others to get the funding they need by selling their shares directly to their online communities. This process is known as 'Crowdfunding." MediaShares' subsidiary,, is an innovative film financing company that uses this methodology for building massive online communities around movies. CinemaShares licenses its U.S. patented platform to film production companies who sell single shares of stock to online movie fans and offer a DVD or digital download as a stock dividend. In addition to his expertise in securities, Gene Massey is also known as an Internet Marketing Consultant, with extensive experience in Social Media Marketing and the Branding of Retail products online. In the past Gene has owned and operated a Los Angeles-based advertising and marketing company. From 1990 to 1997 Gene worked personally with Ely Callaway, Chairman/CEO of Callaway Golf, creating over four hundred television commercials that introduced and promoted the "Big Bertha" line of golf clubs. During the period of time that Gene worked with Callaway, their total sales increased from $21 million in 1990 to $843 million in 1997.