The Digital Hollywood Experience

The Digital Hollywood Experience


Wednesday, May 24th, 2017

9:45 AM – 11:00 AM – The VR - AR - Immersive Track

Session II: Haas Conference Center - Room 172 & 173, Live Webcast

Inside the Experience: The Psychology of Immersive Design

Tai Crosby, Founder and CEO, SilVR Thread

Pamela Rutledge, Director, Media Psychology Research Center

Linda Durnell, Managing Partner at Madison Lane Consulting

Tunisha Singleton, Consulting Partner at Reality Science

Shane Pase, Director of Technology, The Lotte Project

Jerri Lynn Hogg, Director, Media Psychology PhD Program, Fielding Graduate University, Moderator


Jerri Lynn Hogg is a media psychologist, Director of the Media Psychology Graduate program at Fielding Graduate University, 2015 President for the American Psychological Associations’ Society for Media Psychology and Technology, Co-Creator of the Certificate in Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement at Fielding Graduate University, and an author of Mad Men Unzipped. She integrates her passion for branding, augmented/virtual reality, technology, and digital environments with research to advance the understanding of the positive use of media and technologies and the physical, cognitive, and emotional impact.  Dr. Hogg is well known in the industry as a coveted speaker worldwide and with over 50 scholarly presentations on the

topic of media psychology, she is considered a pioneer in the field of Media Psychology.  Her current focus is on brand psychology strategies and augmented environments design solutions. Hogg recently was a judge for the annual SoMe Awards (Social Media).  You can find her on Twitter @HoggJL. She also authors a blog for Psychology called “The Digital Life”.


Tai Crosby is the founder and CEO of SilVR Thread, specializing in first-person POV virtual reality technology. With its patent-pending camera systems, SilVR Thread is pioneering POV VR to create learning and marketing experiences that trigger stronger, more meaningful, and more memorable emotional and physical reactions than standard virtual reality through the eyes of another person. The company is on a very specific path to create the best technology to capture and replay human experiences as well as transport you into the scene with human body awareness. /Under Tai’s leadership, SilVR Thread most recently created Lionsgate’s Nerve VR Experiences - which allow you to embody the stars’ characters in action scenes that transport you onto a skateboard tied to the back of a moving cop car, and onto a ladder suspended between two New York City buildings. The team is currently creating learning experiences targeting corporate training for Fortune 500 companies. Tai has most recently authored and co-authored op-eds in world-renown journals and magazines, including his latest in IEEE’s Consumer Electronics Magazine.


Dr. Pamela Rutledge, Director, Media Psychology Research Center: Dr. Rutledge Director of the Media Psychology Research Center and an independent consultant on a variety of media projects.   In her academic life, she is the creator of and faculty for the Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement track at Fielding Graduate University and sits on the advisory board of the Internet and Social Marketing Certificate at UC Irvine Extension. Dr. Rutledge speaks internationally and has published both academic and popular work, most recently Exploring Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Well-Being.  She is currently co-authoring Fill Your Funnel: How to Use Cognitive Psychology and Neuroscience for Generating Leads and Increasing Sales in Digital and Social Media Marketing.  She has written on the psychological implications of mobile technology for Global Mobile and the role of social on entertainment experiences in The Psychology of Twilight.   Dr. Rutledge is the author of “Positively Media” on and is a frequent expert source on media use and popular culture for mass media outlets, such as The NY Times, The UK Guardian, Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America,, BBC, Men’s Health, Cosmopolitan, Time and USAToday.   She holds an PhD and an MBA.


Linda Durnell is Managing Partner at Madison Lane Consulting in Silicon Valley, which has partnered with corporations, mid-size companies and start-ups in the high tech and biomedical market.  Durnell is currently positioned at the intersection of technology, consumer neuroscience and media psychology and believes that in this evolving media technology landscape, it is paramount that we go beyond traditional approaches in order to gather the critical insights we must have to predict strategies and make decisions.  She is a contributing writer at Huffington Post, Adjunct Faculty at Fielding Graduate University teaching consumer neuroscience and is currently consulting with the U.S. Department of Defense to understand the impact media has in the context of ISIL radicalization.  You can reach Durnell at


Tunisha Singleton is a writer, producer, and story-orientated digital communications professional. With 10 years of experience blended across social media management, post-production, and digital media marketing, Tunisha uses her creative and forward-thinking skills to consult on various entertainment projects ranging from reality television, podcast development, and social media campaigns. Clients include HOLA (non-profit organization Heart of Los Angeles), Hollywood music venue The Key Club, multichannel network ScaleLab, Sideshow Network inside the Hollywood Improv, and independent artists in music, acting, and cirque performance. With an unwavering passion for sports entertainment, Tunisha has shifted her attention to the sports space, focusing on the use of technology to extend the sport experience and strengthen affiliation through activity-centered designs. Now a Ph.D. Candidate of Media Psychology, Tunisha’s research looks at the construction of sport experiences through the lenses of human behavior, social identity, and organizational psychology to account for the intense thirst sport fans have for more spreadable, immersive, personalized content in all social, VR, and traditional spaces. Tunisha is now an Adjunct Faculty member of the Brand Psychology and Audience Engagement certificate program at Fielding Graduate University. She maintains a blog called Experience Playbook: A Catchall Digital Notebook for Sports, Culture, and Technology Research. You can find her on twitter @TSingletonSays, where she is likely live-tweeting any and all sporting events.


Shane Pasé is the director of technology at the Lotte Project, cofounder and executive producer at MediaX LLC new media technologies group, an award winning conceptual designer, and currently authoring the first book on the psychology of augmented reality. Dr. Pase has over 18 years experience utilizing human behavior analytics to develop creative and outside-the-box solutions for both for-profit and non-profit corporations and small businesses. By combining theories from cognitive, media, behavioral and social psychology, he is able to provide valuable insights into our experience with, and the effects of, media technologies to create the most immersive and effective media experiences.